MBA CHAI WALA PVT. LTD. is an Indian café chain with a mission to inspire and foster a positive mindset among millions of people, igniting their ambitions and aspirations. Our core mission is to revolutionize the perception of tea, leveraging it as a catalyst for inspiration. Through our efforts, we aim to touch the lives of millions of individuals, encouraging them to adopt a growth-oriented mindset.


Youngovator is an avenue for students to step into the world of Robotics. We offer courses focused on technical training in areas like App Development, Electronics, Robotics, IoT (Internet of Things), and Drones. An outstanding example of this is the Robot Square located in Indore. The robot at this square is designed by one of our students. We provide students with the skills required to give a physical form to their innovative ideas.


SuperCluster Pi is a Coimbatore-based start-up aimed at building a hub of D2C brands from the health and wellness industry.


Conker World is an e-learning platform providing students with the best courses to develop their skills.  We offer highly effective and entertaining learning from a number of seasoned instructors and a wide selection of courses. We aim to deliver a skill-based online learning solution to students across the globe. 


Decim.I is an investment platform designed to simplify investing for everyone. Decim.I is aimed at inspiring individuals to secure funds for the future via various investment opportunities. To foster a habit of investment among the people and educate them about its pros & cons is the goal of Decim.I.


Growth School is a learning platform partnered with the top 1% of industry professionals to provide high-impact courses focused on personal and professional development for individuals across the globe. The aim of Growth School is to up-skill individuals to help them advance in their career journey.